Funded Projects

  • Auditorium curtains
  • Library refurbishment
  • Computers for BC Office
  • Computers for the Computer Lab
  • School Bus
  • First Rowing Boat
  • Lane ropes for the swimming pool
  • Poolside Pace Clock for swimming meets
  • Miss Dias retirement fund to St. Margaret's
  • Donation to Maharagama Cancer Hospital
  • £200 per annum for the BC school girls' distress fund – year on year
  • Donation towards the IDP in North - (Funds raised under the banner - Friends of Sri Lanka)
  • Donation towards Soldiers Rehabilitaion Hospital - (Funds raised under the banner - Friends of Sri Lanka)
  • LKR.1,000,000 for the refurbishment of the old school hall.

Past Presidents

1990-1992: Chavi Yogeswaran  née De Zoysa          
1992-1994: Dharshi Turnbull   née    Mendis
1994-1996: Vajira Wignarajah née De Soysa
1996-1999: Ameera Hussain née Hussain
1999-2001: Amy Wickremasinghe née Cassi Chitty
2001-2003: Priya Peiris  née Gunewardena                    
2003-2005: Ilham Ismail née Ali                 
2005-2007: Anusha Ekanayake née Wickramasinghe          
2007-2009: Mignonne Cader née Seneratne          
2009–2011: Shanthini Ahangama née Wirasinha  


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